Ready to Dropship?

Here Is What To Do Next

You’ve spent some time dwelling on it and now you are ready to take the plunge (and if you’re not, see here for reasons why doing it is a good idea). You’ll set up shop and kick ass in on-line selling - good for you! The Dropship Explorer team is here to offer you impeccable service and all the initial hand-holding should you decide to walk down the ecommerce road with us.

Pick products and suppliers: When you sign up for one of our plans, you also need to select a supplier. The choice of a supplier – or several of them – also depends, or is rather predetermined by - selecting your products. For useful pointers on how to make these important decisions, check out our guides on product selection and working with your supplier.

Mind the basics: Dropship Explorer delivers a ready-to-sell optimized website loaded with the products and suppliers of your choice within 24h of signing up with us. The website, based on the industry standard Magento platform, is configured so as to feature your store’s domain, name and logo; basic theme; payment procedure with PayPal all set up; support provided with setting the markup, categories and products; order email notification; and, if selected, syncing with Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and/or Rakuten.

Spread the word: After this initial configuration is done, your store is ready to go – you can start selling. Nailing that first sell though is something that needs work. If you’re wondering how to put your store out there on search engines and get some traffic going your way, how to use social media for advertizing, or how to add value to your website by e.g. writing a blog, we’ve got your back. Check out the short and to the point information on where to invest your time, ideas and/or money to get the best results for your store.

Optimize and customize: The website you get from Dropship Explorer is fully customizable and it will grow as you're growing your business. If you wish to have your website customized, outside of the basic configurations listed above, you can get one of our Magento support blocks and let us help you with the tweaking and fine-tuning. You can also work with us on adding suppliers that are not on our list, just send us an e-mail with your request.

Take care of the Customer: Dropshipping is certainly hustle-free in terms of not having to handle the warehouse, inventory, tracking stock, shipping, deliveries, returns, etc. However, when you relinquish that much control over your business to someone else, you have to invest your time and effort in other aspects of it and, most importantly, into customer care. In order to grow a reliable and reputable e-commerce store that wins the customers’ hearts and has them coming back over and over again, you need to work on your relationship with the suppliers to ensure their end of the bargain holds up and at the same time invest in conveying your message loud and clear - and consistently – to your target audience. Check our website Resources section for guides and practical instructions for running your business smoothly.