7 Reasons to Dropship

There is no one way to go about becoming a successful on-line entrepreneur. From choosing the market niche you want to cover or a need/want you want to fill with your products, to deciding on the design and outlook of your website, to actually picking a business model you want to use, the road to a healthy, booming e-commerce store is fraught with making important decisions.

When it comes to acquiring your products, you again have several options. You can opt for making them yourself, turning e.g. your hobby into a full-blown business. You can also go down the route of manufacturing, selecting either a domestic or an overseas manufacturer through a service such as e.g. Alibaba.

If you’re not up to bearing the costs and risks of actually creating a product, another less risky option is to chose wholesale. It’s a fairly simple business model where you choose from brands that are already established and you do not have to go off developing products that maybe no one wants. This also means, however, that you have to play by someone else’s rules to an extent and have little control over the prices, thereby also over your profit.

Dropshipping is the next option. In dropshipping, you have your pick of products to sell and suppliers to work with. You are not handling the physical aspects of selling such as storage, warehouses, deliveries - the suppliers/manufacturers you have a business relationship with are doing it for you. Dropshipping is actually a great option if you are looking to dip your toe in the world of on-line selling. Here are seven reasons why opting for a dropship store can be the right thing for you.

1. Low Risk: You start off your dropshipping business by opting for the product(s) you want to sell and entering into a business relationship with your supplier(s). This means you are not purchasing a whole inventory up front which puts you in a better position further down the line – if your products are not selling, you are not liable for a whole host of stuff you cannot sell.

2. Low Initial Cost: By not purchasing the inventory up front, the initial cost of starting your dropshipping business is relatively low. If you opt for working with us at Dropship Explorer, you get a fully functional dropship website with up to 5,000 products from one supplier loaded and ready to sell for only $29,99 a month. This gives you plenty of opportunity to try out your business idea, see how the products you’ve chosen fare on the market and get direct insight into what aspects of your approach to e-commerce you need to tweak to make it as successful as possible.

3. Hands Off: Dropshipping is pretty much hands off – you are not physically handling your inventory, you are not managing a warehouse, and you are not handling deliveries. It’s the supplier/manufacturer you have a business relationship with that does these things for you. The dropshipping platform model that we here at Dropship Explorer have developed helps you even further with the hands off aspect of e-commerce – the product inventory of your choice is loaded onto your website and is synced daily leaving minimal margin for error and rendering it almost impossible to sell anything that is out of stock.

4. Easy to Scale Up/Down: Dropshipping is perfect for upgrading or downgrading your business. Maybe you have initially taken on too much and you want to refocus and select a smaller niche for better results. Or, you have started with a small sample of products but over time you’ve seen more opportunity and you want to expand your brand. Dropshipping platforms such as ours make this super easy as all it takes is adding a supplier or ticking off the boxes with selected products. Dropship Explorer already offers you the choice of almost 100 suppliers, but we can onboard any supplier you want in a few days and for a relatively low additional cost. Check out our plans and details here.

5. Instant Access: When you opt for setting up a dropshipping platform, we at Dropship Explorer provide you with a turn-key solution that is ready to face the exciting world of e-commerce in a matter of days. Your website allows you immediate access to your customers, it enables you to test your business idea, test your products, make changes to your business as it grows and communicate with your target audience.

6. Saving Time: With all the technicalities of the product loading, inventory and delivery handled by someone else, dropshipping saves you time and makes the effort of selling 5 or 500 products almost the same. You can invest this time in customer relations and support, or in developing good quality content for your e.g. blog and social media, as well as into regularly analyzing the trends in your business and steering it towards bigger success.

7. Mobility: Without any physical ties to storage, warehouse, or deliveries, you can do your dropshipping business from any place with an internet connection! Liberating, right? With so many aspects of selling products and delivering them to your customers removed from your hands with dropshipping, you have to pay close attention to the selection of your suppliers, provide good quality customer service and be hands on with promoting your business. So it’s work, just of another kind. Check our short useful guides covering different aspects of e-commerce here. Happy dropshipping!